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Hitch hiker

A project that can’t decide if it wants to be a game or some kind of interactive art piece. In its latest iteration it’s a game about transporting small creatures from a to b, hence the name Hitch Hiker. 

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UI for the R.O.V mission recording system OctoSpan. The OctoSpan was originally part of a larger R.O.V design project but later transformed into a project of its own

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ROV UI Main Interface

Delta 1

ROV control system where the UI and especially the interaction were heavily inspired by games. The UI is designed for large touch displays and heavy flight simulator joysticks

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Paulus – A man on a mission

Paulus – A man with a mission is a educational game created in collaboration with the National Network of Folkekirkelige Skoletjenester. The game guides the apostle Paul around locations such as Corinth, Jerusalem and Galatia all the while gathering a congregation and doing good deeds. The game is part of a workshop on faith and tolerance in a modern multicultural and multi-religious society.

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