Delta 1

The project started as a relatively small UI design project, but four years later we had purchased and tested a bunch of high-end cameras, capture cards, server systems, joysticks and everything in between…


UI for the R.O.V mission recording system OctoSpan. The OctoSpan was originally part of a larger R.O.V design project but later transformed into a project of its own.

Acarix CADScor

The Acarix CADScor System enables a completely new, non-invasive procedure for diagnosing atherosclerosis of the coronary artery. In 2014, I was associated with the project as a freelance UI / UX designer, where I was responsible for the interaction flow and the co-development of the interface. In 2017, Acarix CADScor won a Danish Design Award in the category Employment Growth

Physical computing workshop

I have been teaching multiple physical computing workshops at designskolen Kolding. Each workshop lasted for 3 weeks and with approx. 40 students per session. In 2010, the focus was primarily on learning to code and an introduction to electronics and sensors. In 2011, we moved away from the code a bit and had more fun taking apart electronic objects and then conveying new interactions using the components we dug out. Sketching interactions using old garbage is just one of my absolute favorite ways of working.


Designed for inspiring conversations and perfect cups of coffee

I am an archaeologist

I am an archaeologist is a learing game from 2013, which gives the player an insight into the archaeological process, from construction to glass showcases. The game is designed for iPad. The project has been developed for Museum Sønderjylland – Archeology Haderslev and Holstebro Museum

Paulus – a man on a mission

Paulus – A man with a mission is a educational game created in collaboration with the National Network of Folkekirkelige …