Delta 1

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A Game inspired UI and interactions for a larger international ROV project – Codenamed Delta1. The ROV design project is currently undergoing some serious changes.

UI 3rd and current iteration
UI 3rd and current iteration
Detal1 UI 3rd iteration
Overview of some of the sandard UI slider elements from the 3rd iteration

The UI was presented at the Oceanology International 2016. Below a few screens from the demo.

Camera 1 main page
Delta1 London camera turn off
Some of the UI objects needs to be pressed and hold for x number of seconds before turning off. Here we are in the progress of turning off the camera one
Delta1 London camera off
Camera 1 turned off. All UI objects in the section is dimmed down to illustrate that they are turned off and not available for interaction
Delta1 London lights
Lights section. The goal with this UI was to make it as simple as possible and only show what the operator needs at the current time
Delta1 London pan/tilt
The Pan / Tilt manipulator are always available from the lower left. When pressed it will open and at same time fade the current UI section out to keep focus on the task at hand
Delta1 London input mosaic
Video input mosaic UI. Layout mimics the physical layout of the screens
Delta1 London camera value
All return values from manipulated screen UI objects are also shown in the upper left corner. We also show the name of the object + the range of the value. The information will fade out as soon as the user stops changing values

A small selection of sketches and side projects.

Delta1 ui sketch
First sketch of the access from the center menu
Delta1 ui sketch
Defining rules for the 2nd iteration of the UI elements
Delta1 ui sketch
The actual ROV model was a pretty dominant element in the first iteration of the UI
Delta1 ui sketch
HUD UI 2nd iteration
Delta1 ui sketch
UI sketch for the video player module

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