Delta1 & Octospan

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The project that killed my desire for designing and … It started as a dream projekt – Design and program the UI system for an R.O.V – How cool is that

The project was estimated to take about a year – but after the project just kept evolving and after 4 years I was still working on it, and it was nowhere near completion. New company structure chose to terminate the project and focus and core values instead of developing new and foreward thinking technology.     

UI for the R.O.V mission recording system OctoSpan. The OctoSpan was originally part of a larger R.O.V design project but later transformed into a project of its own. The release date is set to late 2017 or early 2018.

The Delta1 project

Video and sound input
Video and sound input
Disk main page
Disk main page
Disk rewriting in progress
Formatting returned an error - some user functionality has been disabled
User attention needed - disk storage is getting low
Mission recording in progress
Mission recording needs user attention - not critical so we mark it with yellow
Mission recordings stored on the client disk
Browsing the recordings stored on the Raid system
Single video recording playback
Multiple video playback
Icon and color usage

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