Hitch hiker

A project that can’t decide if it wants to be a game or some kind of interactive art piece. In its latest iteration it’s a game about transporting small creatures from a to b, hence the name Hitch Hiker. 


UI for the R.O.V mission recording system OctoSpan. The OctoSpan was originally part of a larger R.O.V design project but later transformed into a project of its own.  Video and sound input Disk main page Disk rewriting in progress Formatting returned an error – some user functionality has been disabled User attention needed – disk […]

Delta 1

ROV UI Main Interface

ROV control system where the UI and especially the interaction were heavily inspired by games. The UI is designed for large touch displays and heavy flight simulator joysticks. UI 3rd and current iteration Overview of some of the sandard UI slider elements from the 3rd iteration In the 3rd iteration of the UI the user […]

Old projects

Digging through some old projects for inspiration. I really need to get back into creating more physical art installations.   100 connected lines. Old sound/image installation. I really like the simplicity and serious thinking of doing some sort of interactive remake. The original piece were created in Max/Msp + Jittter Old interactive installation. Should really […]


Anéks Dinner. Where the family meets and share their experiences from the day while enjoying a home-cooked meal.


Designed for inspiring conversations and perfect cups of coffee