Four years ago my good friend Mads Mosbæk Pedersen called me and said something like: “Hey, we got the chance to be part of a project that involves the building of a new R.O.V, designing, prototyping and developing the interface for it, find and test all kinds of cool hardware, and properly a million other interesting thing – are you in?”.  Well of course I was in, this sounded like a dream project. Fast forward three major UI iterations, hundreds of UI sketches, countless hardware tests and complex camera setups, Plc and database communications, the project has gone in a different direction. The R.O.V building part of the project has been canceled, but the main UI is still in development. The mission recording device that was also part of the main project has turned into a product of its own, the OctoSpan.

The UI was presented at the Oceanology International 2016. Below a few screens from the demo.

A small selection of sketches and side projects.