We like to think of Anéks as an ongoing conversation between the members and the people we meet; the work we create is the product of that conversation. The conversation tends to focus on Interaction, Tactility, Installations, Art, Materials, Workshops, Form & Function, Storytelling, all in a both a personal, commercial and research based context. The conversation is always open for new participants and directions.


22 Oct 2016

New shop

We now have a shop where you can spend your hard earned money on some of our personal print work.

27 Sep 2016

Still no prototype

End of September and sadly we are not anywhere near a functional prototype of our new dinner table. I just turned out to be a bit more complicated and time consuming that first anticipated. I hope that we will get some time to work on it this fall / winter.

17 Dec 2015

New Friends

Finally found the time to do a few test renders of our new dining table New Friends ( new working title for what used to be called the mokka dinner table ). Materials, renders and details are a bit rough, because they are just ment to give us an idea of the table before we order all the oak wood […]